‘Twas the night before x-mas,
I had checked the castle,
My patrol complete,
Without a hassle.

Asleep in my bed,
With a cap on my head,
Cozy and neat,
Unlike my cold feet.

And as the dream got good,
I awoke to some chatter,
And rumbling, tumbling,
And then a shatter.

To the door I went,
To look down the hall.
To my shock, there had been a brawl.

Around the corner,
Blocking my way,
Lay the man who’s known,
For riding a sleigh.

I then found Desi, who tugged him along.
“What you’re doing to Santa is so very wrong!”

“Keep your voice down, and do not shout,
Help me instead, drag this fat man out.”

I couldn’t believe it, it was Christmas Eve!
“Why do you want, Old Saint Nick, to Leave?”

“He snuck in my room,
Tripped over a broom,
Fell flat on his face,
And broke a good vase.
I dragged him downstairs,
First by his legs, then by his hairs.
He picked up his sack,
And I snagged it back.”

“So you steal all the toys,
For the good girls and boys?”

“He wouldn’t let go, the ginormous creep!
All I wanted tonight, was plenty of sleep!”

Then Santa said,
“I can sense you two are quite tense,
But before the night is spent,
Each of you gets,
A present!”

“Oh my, Santa!” I said
“Thank you so much,
You sure do, Have a magic touch!”

Desi chimed in and said,
“Your gift to me, I’m sure I’ll adore.
But next year you should use the front door.”

Bonus: Comic Version!

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