The Salamander War

The Salamander War was a war between the Anzerik Empire and the Broke Kingdom. It lasted for just a few weeks, and more than two-thousand men were killed, most on the Shores of Darkness, the northern shores of the Broke Kingdom. It was here that Walton Boshire made his mark in the world, and became the only knight in the Broke Kingdom.

The Salamander War was a ruthless battle between the Anzerik Empire and the Broke Kingdom. In just three weeks, more than two-thousand men were killed on the Shores of Darkness, just north of the Evil Woods.

Cause of War

The empire had a history of geographic and economic imperialism and dominance. In its quest to control all resources, the empire forged advantageous, often monopolistic, trade agreements. These agreements were so tilted to the empire’s favor, that trade partners, or those forced into through economic strain, were often left to fulfill their agreement by paying their debt through giving up their land. Usually, these agreements were enforced through military strength, threatening the very lives of those countries – most of who have been consumed and annexed into the empire.

Anzerik, however, did not count on the Broke Kingdom’s ruler to be quite as intelligent as his often aloof demeanor would have them believe. The King, as he was known, decided to play against the empire’s game. For a time, the Broke Kingdom increased their raw material and goods output, to the point that they could stockpile their own reserves. If the empire tried to increase their demands, the kingdom was ready to fulfill them.

Not only did this vastly improve the resources of the Broke Kingdom, it also hampered the economic value of the empire’s imperial demands. After intercepting a communication from an Anzerik spy, the King proved his assumption and preparation correct: the Anzerik Empire was collecting resources to bolster their army, preparing for a massive invasion.

The Broke Kingdom cut off trade and communication with the empire. When word reached the emperor that the Broke Kingdom revealed their plans for world dominance, other kingdoms fought back, severing trade deals and destroying communication channels. The empire knew it had to act fast, or risk losing their efforts, and their lust for world domination.

Tragedy Strikes the Empire

Meanwhile, the reigning emperor battled depression: his only wife had just died, and he himself had grown ill. His only heir to the throne would be his daughter, and at the age of ten, she was far too young to have a child, or be wed. He decided to wait out his illness, believing it would pass after time as he grieved for his late wife.

The emperor, in an effort to improve his morale, and the morale of his troops, ordered a full-scale assault on the Broke Kingdom. The Broke Kingdom, however, was not to be caught off guard; The King sent soldiers to the north and west shores, certain that the south would be well protected from the hordes of goblins that had infested it for centuries. The first and second wave of attacks were defended, and for a time, the Broke Kingdom believed victory had been achieved. A third attack was near.

In the final days of the war, tragedy struck the empire: the emperor died in his throne, with his crown in one hand, and a letter in the other. Noella, his daughter, assumed the throne, and thus command over the empire, and the war. While her countrymen suffered two defeats against the Broke Kingdom, she was eager to prove herself worthy of the title as the first empress in the empire’s 800+ year history.

Against the advice of the many scholars and leaders, Neolla ordered on final assault, one so large, and so powerful, that no army could think to defend against it. To ensure victory, she ordered the capture and use of the sea dragon, The Salamander. The order was simple: unleash the dragon on the northern shores, and let it consume the enemy and its land. 

War’s End

Empress Noella’s dreams would have been fulfilled, if it were not for the valiant efforts of one man: Walton von Boshire. When the dragon was unleashed, most soldiers fled (including those of the empire), the three-foot-six fighter stood his ground. The Salamander, a large, long, slimy, black dragon, swam to the shore, and thrashed the scene, laying waste to many men and the environment. In a rage, the salamander grew out of control, and Walton, so small the dragon did not see him, climbed onto its back, and pierced its skull with his sword.

The dragon fell to its death, and Walton, who climbed it as a boy, landed on the shores, a man. The crushing defeat against the empire threw Empress Noella into her own rage, to the point that she was incapable of ruling for a time. The chancellor of the empire assumed command, and ordered a cease fire, and thus, and end to the war. Noella was forced to sign a peace treaty, and proclaim that the Broke Kingdom was free.


The Salamander War left the empire with a tarnished reputation. Known before the war as the Empire Born of the Sky, it was now known as the Empire Born of the Dirt. For a time, their economy faltered, and with it, the economies of many other kingdoms, too. Trade was diminished for more than a decade.

Empress Noella, owing much to her ancestors, and now to her people, dedicated her efforts on the domestic side. After ten years of economic turmoil as a result of the war, and the efforts that led up to it, the economy of the empire began to flourish. Many other countries, including the Broke Kingdom, remained stagnated, or growing far too slow.

Noella, in her naivety, relaxed the laws of the empire, and in desperation, brokered deals with some of the world’s least loved people. Now, though the economy flourished, a sizable portion was now under the control of pirates, bandits, thieves, and other criminals. Today, it is often difficult to tell who has who in their back pocket.

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