What are Feiglorites?

Feiglorites are formless creatures, capable of manipulating the elements, such as fire, wind, and water. Their skin appears so black, that it feels their bodies create a void in space, and it is said when one gazes upon them, they feel separated from reality.

They are known to take the appearance of beasts, golems, and other objects, in order to hide from predators, or intimidate their prey. This leads to the theory that Feiglorites are boneless creatures – that is, they possess no skeletal structure at all. Research to examine the body of a Feiglorite has failed, for when they die, their bodies vaporize or explode, leaving no trace of their existence. 

First Known Sighting

Feiglorites were discovered by Dr. Eugene Bayohart, on an expedition to Feiglor Isle. Braving a perpetual hurricane that surrounded the island, Bayohart’s crew landed on the eastern shores (when they were aiming for the western shores). It was here they observed the Feiglorites in their natural habitat. Astonished at their behavior, Bayohart, having returned to Solace, requested further supplies, funding, and a larger expeditionary force. At the request of the Supreme Chancellor, Bayohart would capture several Feiglorites, and return with them for further study in his research lab.


In their natural setting, Feigloriates are docile, often playful. Early observations suggest that Feiglorites must have had some form of human contact in the past, for they often mingle in tribes, and befriend other species – a behavior that is mostly unique to humans. During Bayohart’s research, it was believed that, though Feiglorites could congregate much like humans, they chose not to form societal hierarchies, instead relying on the generosity and care of each other, separate species, and natural resources.

In captivity, however, Feiglorites are known to be restless, often enraged. The lack of a natural surrounding pushes them into a state of panic, almost psychotic like. Such observations were discovered when Arthur and Ivy, lead researchers on Bayohart’s return trip to Feiglor Isle, caught the Feiglorites in cages: the Feiglorites nearly ate through the cages, which were made of wood, first, and then iron. On his return to Solace, Bayohart ordered that a mock environment be made within his research lab, in an attempt to quell the rage of the tiny creatures.

The plan worked, and Boyohart’s research at his lab allowed him to learn far more of the tiny creatures.

Lost Notes & The Rise of the Mages

Though Bayohart and his research team studied the Feiglorites in great detail, nearly all notes were lost when catastrophe struck the Solace Sovereignty, leaving it in a perpetual state of frost. Those who braved the cold and entered Bayohart’s old research lab discovered that there were no notes, no Feiglorites, and even more peculiar, no bodies of his research crew.

Six hundred years later, treasure hunters and scholars around the world, including the famed Captain Whiteboot, are on a quest to find his notes. During these centuries, wicked men and women known as mages, emerged with the ability to command the Feiglorites to do their bidding — often evil bidding to harm others. It is hoped that Bayohart’s research notes contain the secrets to defeating the mages, and putting an end to the danger they pose.

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