Alde Baron, Author of The Quest Logs

I’m a self-taught author, editor, and illustrator. My love for writing comes from an enjoyment of adventures in fiction, video games, and movies – epic stories FTW!

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I came screaming into the world at 2:14am in the morning, on August 26th, 1985. I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems from 2003, and have been writing as a hobby since 2009.

I enjoy arranging and replacing words to create new meaning. This became abundantly clear when I learned how to write comedy, and all the MAD libs I filled out as a kid. English was by far the easiest subject in school.

I’m often introverted, and understand the value of both getting in and getting out. 


Here’s a list of books I’ve written and published (the ones I wanted published… I forbid the monkey in my head from publishing the stuff I don’t want to look at).

Get Off My Island!

My most popular story is about a handyman fairy, who is basically the only magical creature in the East Isles that actually works… and squanders his money at the unicorn races.

Then, one day, a over-confident scourge of the seas decides he wants a unicorn for his very own.

A Not So Normal Girl

Desi Baron has been kicked out of school, visits forbidden places, and when she picks up lost items, she calls it Treasure Hunting.

One day, her outbursts become too much to handle, and the foremost expert on extreme childhood misbehavior, Dr. Loue Sal, is asked to correct Desi into a normal person. 

A Knight's Chance

Walton Boshire is the only knight of the Broke Kingdom. For nineteen years, and at three-foot-six, he has protected the royal family. Sworn to fealty to the grave, he is ever diligent in his duties as the captain of the guard.

Zombie Mistletoe

Whiteboot must steal a magic mistletoe, a plant believed to bind lovers to a rich and beautiful life. Why, then, are the villagers of Castle Graystone attacking his pirate crew this X-Mess Eve?