Author: Alde Baron

Thousands or Hundreds of Years

Science Fiction and Fantasy tales are often set thousands or hundreds of years in the past or future. The timespan slips the reader comfortably into what may have been or could be. Who knows what the far future holds, while ages passed, with withered evidence of their day, can be easily accepted as a dream….


There’s always something good behind a waterfall.

Rocks, a cave with a bear, or a gorgeous fairy that grants extra strength. There’s always something good behind a waterfall. The sound of the raging water in the solitude of a cave, safe from the elements outside. Even a bear behind a waterfall is a good thing. Maybe it’s a momma bear, and it’s…


It’s been more than a decade…

It’s been more than a decade since The Quest Logs was born, from a love for great stories, role-playing video games, and the joy of creative work. Off-and-on, between my career in IT, I’ve drafted and crafted the tales in The Quest Logs. Short stories, novellas, and illustrations, each a unique foray into a medieval…