Walton Boshire is the only knight of the Broke Kingdom. For nineteen years, and at three-foot-six, he has protected the royal family. Sworn to fealty to the grave, he is ever diligent in his duties as the captain of the guard.

When events at the castle threaten to end the bloodline of the royal family, Walton throws himself into the path of danger. Determined to protect the kingdom, he faces evils unknown to him, hoping victory will redeem him for past failed duties.

The Quest Logs are short stories set in the world of Farrago, across the Anzerik Continent. Each tale is separate, with an intricate weave of relationships between the main protagonists, Desi Baron, Walton Boshire, and Captain Whiteboot. As they journey across the land, they must deal with the schemes of the wicked mages, hooded and cloaked men and women bent on controlling the fate of humankind. 

The short stories are written for ages 10 and up, and contain light references to fantasy violence, alcohol use, and some language not suitable for young children.

Book Details

  • Author: Alde Baron
  • Published: Oct 21, 2017

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