Desi Baron has been kicked out of school, visits forbidden places, and when she picks up lost items, she calls it Treasure Hunting. One day, her outbursts become too much to handle, and the foremost expert on extreme childhood misbehavior, Dr. Loue Sal, is asked to correct Desi into a normal person. 

Desi has no intention of being normal. She’d rather explore the wilds, hunt treasure, and live far from the city, where people don’t have rules. When she digs up a mysterious book in a place she ought not to be, Dr. Sal takes extreme measures to punish her blatant disregard for society’s norms. With her sister by her side, will Desi escape to paradise, and will it last?

A Not So Normal Girl is a two-part story that begins with a look into Desi’s childhood, setting the stage for a journey that takes her to a new land of adventure, wonder, and danger.

Book Details

  • Author: Alde Baron
  • Published: Oct 16, 2017

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