It’s been more than a decade…

It’s been more than a decade since The Quest Logs was born, from a love for great stories, role-playing video games, and the joy of creative work.

Off-and-on, between my career in IT, I’ve drafted and crafted the tales in The Quest Logs. Short stories, novellas, and illustrations, each a unique foray into a medieval world.

A handyman fairy defends his island from reckless pirates.

A knight, ever brave and loyal, fights evil, to save one brat of a princess.

A young woman seeks revenge on the one who murdered her sister.

I’ve edited, second-guessed, thrown away, and started again, one draft after the other. I’m not satisfied with a beginning, middle, and especially, an end. Perhaps I never will be.

I hope The Quest Logs becomes my life’s greatest work. My own contribution to the world of writing and reading; to everyone who loves a great tale.

I enjoy an engrossing story, one that makes me forget the real world exists, that I am in this one. It’s as great as a deep sleep, with a pleasant dream. I’ve enjoyed many stories that pulled me in so far, from books and video games.

The great, deep stories, and dramatic (and humorous!) presentation of these tales, well-written and well-produced, is what prompted me to write my own.