Thousands or Hundreds of Years

Science Fiction and Fantasy tales are often set thousands or hundreds of years in the past or future. The timespan slips the reader comfortably into what may have been or could be. Who knows what the far future holds, while ages passed, with withered evidence of their day, can be easily accepted as a dream.

It could be this author’s fascination with numbers: word count, chapters, volumes, draft after draft, hours of lost sleep, hours of too much sleep, and years gone by without a word written to page. Maybe I just enjoy sending myself and readers to a time far removed from their reality.

An author can remove a reader from the real world into a time where anything could happen, or could have happened. A thousand years ago a dragon destroyed villages across China. In modern day, a dragon in China is more metaphorical than fact, likely to be seen during celebration, such as during the Chinese New Year.

The Quest Logs is set in a time of pirates, exploration, and a few rusty souls dedicated to chivalry. The magic of wizards, mages, and ferocious dragons, sits like chocolate sprinkles on a chocolate frosted donut, next to a warm cup of cocoa in the cold of winter.

Now I just want cocoa… You see what we authors do to ourselves? We break our own fourth wall, and settle for a distraction of something of greater comfort than a blank page.

See you in the near future.