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A Knight’s Chance

November 23, 2017 by Alde Baron

Walton Boshire failed to protect the queen from assassination. Now that the only heir to the throne, Princess Emmillia, has been kidnapped, the knight of the kingdom sets forth in a fever to rescue her.

At three-foot-six, equipped with his sword, his suit of armor, and his trusty steed, Walton sets forth to redeem himself for a failed past. Though he vows to rescue the king’s daughter, can he rescue himself from the dangers ahead?

The Quest Logs are short stories set in the world of Farrago, across the Anzerik Continent. Each tale is separate, with an intricate weave of relationships between the main protagonists, Desi Baron, Walton Boshire, and Captain Whiteboot. As they journey across the land, they must deal with the schemes of the wicked mages, hooded and cloaked men and women bent on controlling the fate of humankind.

The short stories are written for ages 10 and up, and contain light references to fantasy violence, alcohol use, and some language not suitable for young children.

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Warning: This synopsis is an intended for parents to review before purchasing. It contains spoilers. If you’d like to read the full story, click here.

Walton’s day begins with getting a book that the princess has requested. After retrieving the book from the library, he cannot find the princess. His own men, the men he commands, get into some mischief and nearly damage the book. The only knight of the Broke Kingdom manages to get the book in good order, and delivers it to the princess.

That night, an old man visits Ashley, a wizard that resides in the Evilish Woods. Promising Ashley a power that not even the greatest of wizards have been able to procure, Ashley agrees to kidnap the princess, in exchange for this power, and a king’s ransom. When he attempts to kidnap the princess, his fumbling, bumbling attempts surprisingly succeed.

Walton, panicked that the young royal family member has been kidnapped, is instructed, reluctantly, by the king, to save her. Equipped with his sword, his armor, and his companion horse, Desperado, Walton sets forth into the Evilish woods to redeem himself for letting such a terrible event to occur.

The battle commences between the knight and wizard, and what trickery is this Ashley up to!? Walton must solve puzzles to get into and through the tower, finally reaching the princess. He manages to defeat the wizard, and saves the princess.

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