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A Not So Normal Kingdom

November 20, 2017 by Alde Baron

Desi Baron’s sister has been burned alive. Determined to avenge her death, she steals her passage to the mainland to hunt down the murderer. When this island girl meets the strange and dangerous inhabitants of the Broke Kingdom, she must enlist the help of shady characters to navigate her way to revenge.

Armed with just a dagger and her wits, this is just the beginning of a journey that will bring Desi to unravel an evil that has plagued the kingdom for centuries.

The Quest Logs are short stories set in the world of Farrago, across the Anzerik Continent. Each tale is separate, with an intricate weave of relationships between the main protagonists, Desi Baron, Walton Boshire, and Captain Whiteboot. As they journey across the land, they must deal with the schemes of the wicked mages, hooded and cloaked men and women bent on controlling the fate of humankind.

The short stories are written for ages 10 and up, and contain light references to fantasy violence, alcohol use, and some language not suitable for young children.

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Warning: This synopsis is an intended for parents to review before purchasing. It contains spoilers. If you’d like to read the full story, click here

Desi wakes up to her sister’s body, that has been burned alive in a flash. She chases the murderer to the edge of the sea, but loses him at the shore. Determined to hunt him down and avenge her sister’s death, she spends weeks building a canoe and gathering supplies to travel to the mainland. Her plans, however, are smashed to pieces when Whiteboot and his pirates destroy her canoe.

Having stowed away on their ship, Desi arrives on the mainland of the Broke Kingdom. She quickly learns how desolate the place is, and is informed by the nearest locals that the man she is looking for may be near Castle Graystone. Equipped with a dagger, she heads into the kingdom, and is quickly met with strange and undesirable characters, and even the wicked murderer himself!

Desi seeks out the help of the local mercenary company, the Medieval Office, and even decides to go into the castle herself, not being one to wait. When she learns of a map that will guide her to whatever her heart wants, Desi believes it will take her straight to the murderer. Getting in was easy, but getting near the map is not, when she is kicked out.

With the help of the mercenary from the Medieval Office, Rose, Desi sneaks into the castle during the princess’s pre-pre-pre birthday party. She manages to get the map, escapes the capture of the guards, but is blocked from leaving the castle, when the mage, Sirzk, throws her into battle with his Golem.

After defeating Sirzk’s Golem, and thus Sirzk himself, Desi wakes up in the castle’s dungeon. Having destroyed the garden, she must now face punishment for her crimes. Not one to be locked up for very long, Desi escapes the prison, and then the castle. She heads off east, in the direction the map guides her, hoping that, now that her sister’s death has been avenged, she can get something a little more from this land: The Greatest Treasure, or so the map says.

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