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Get Off My Island!

November 24, 2017 by Alde Baron

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, until Feb 2nd, 2018.

An exciting and hilarious romp through an island filled with wacky talking animals, a hard-working fairy, and an unscrupulous set of pirates. Basil, the resident handyman of the island, fights to scare off Captain Whiteboot, who has arrived in search of the fabled unicorns.

Get Off My Island! is a short story of roughly 10,000 words.

The Quest Logs are short stories set in the world of Farrago, across the Anzerik Continent. Each tale is separate, with an intricate weave of relationships between the main protagonists, Desi Baron, Walton Boshire, and Captain Whiteboot. As they journey across the land, they must deal with the schemes of the wicked mages, hooded and cloaked men and women bent on controlling the fate of humankind.

The short stories are written for ages 10 and up, and contain light references to fantasy violence, alcohol use, and some language not suitable for young children.

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Warning: This synopsis is an intended for parents to review before purchasing. It contains spoilers.┬áIf you’d like to read the full short story, click here.

Basil the Handyman Fairy’s work is disrupted when a friend tells him that pirates have passed near the island. After reassuring his friend that the pirates aren’t anything to worry about, Basil finishes his day with a trip to the unicorn races, and then home to sleep.

The next day, Basil is asked by the constable to investigate a troubling scene at the shore. Turns out, a mermaid’s carcass has washed ashore. Basil brings the mermaid’s body back to the coroner, and then returns to the shore to clean up the mess.

Not long thereafter, Captain Whiteboot arrives on the island with his crew, in search of the unicorns, and their lost treasure chest. Basil confronts the captain, but is unable to stop him from finding the fabled horses. Finally, the fairy manages to scare off the pirates.

Not to be outdone, Whiteboot returns to reclaim his treasure, and invades the morning after the annual Fairy Tale Day celebrations. Basil, hungover from the party, enlists the help of a known fierce beast, and though Whiteboot escapes with his treasure, the captain is scared off the island, never to return.

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