• Walton Boshire is the only knight of the Broke Kingdom. For nineteen years, and at three-foot-six, he has protected the royal family. Sworn to fealty to the grave, he is ever diligent in his duties as the captain of the guard.

    When events at the castle threaten to end the bloodline of the royal family, Walton throws himself into the path of danger. Determined to protect the kingdom, he faces evils unknown to him, hoping victory will redeem him for past failed duties.

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    A Not So Normal Girl is a thrilling tale that invites readers into Desi Baron’s childhood, and the start of her greatest journey into lands abroad.

    As a child, Desi lives a poor life under the ashes of the industrial factories, in a shabby alleyway home. She endures insults from the richer kids, such as “Ash Baby,” and “Circus Freak.” When she is kicked out of school, she happily takes her newfound freedom to hunt treasure with her sister. When Desi discovers a mysterious book, suspicion of witchcraft falls upon her by the very person trusted to get her back into school.

    As an adult, Desi is free from the tribulations of childhood, but not free from the dangers the world will throw at her. When tragedy strikes, the young woman sets off into a new land in search of revenge, quickly met with obstacles that test her courage, wit, and strength.

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    Whiteboot is a ruthless pirate of the Anzerik Empire, and a hopeless treasure hunter around the world. He’s a man of vices, little gold, but tons of energy for adventure and danger.

    A wily merchant offers a map that will guide Whiteboot to a treasure more precious than gold. Quick to grasp the hunt, Whiteboot sets sail with the hope of getting the payday of his dreams.

    When his crew arrives, they run into an obstacle they did not expect: the protector of the East Isles.

    Get Off My Island! is a short story of roughly 14,000 words, and contains light references to fantasy violence, alcohol use, and language not suitable for young children.


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